When you provide a meal, you give someone a chance — just $1.97

To someone who is hungry and homeless, one meal can bring hope and mark the first step toward true life change. There are approximately 1,150 homeless people living in the Richmond area. When you donate meals, you provide plates piled high with nutritious food and give someone a chance to hear about Good Samaritan Ministries’ many life-changing services. Every meal you provide can mean another life changed. Give today!

On any given day in Richmond, Virginia, there are approximately 1,150 men, women and children who are homeless. For many of them, the economic roller-coaster of the past two years has affected their lives with unemployment, home foreclosures or unmet health needs. Whether recently homeless, or frequently homeless, these vulnerable individuals often succumb to life’s pressures and soothe their troubles with drugs, alcohol or both. An addiction takes root in their life, and they find they are unable to overcome it on their own.

When you give, you help provide more than a meal. You offer life change through:

  • Christian discipleship programs that address addictions at their root, offering a hand up, rather than just a hand out.

  • Education and training to equip the homeless and hurting with skills to provide for themselves and their families.

  • A future where homeless individuals are loved and cared for while they’re also expected to work towards self-reliance.

  • And so much more..

Mail-In Donations
Please make your check or money order payable to:

Good Samaritan Ministries, Inc.
2307 Hull Street
Richmond, Virginia 23224
(Non-Profit Federal Tax ID #54-1371830)

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