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There are many ways you can help Good Samaritan Ministries in its mission to help men, that have lost their way, get their lives back. One way is to donate a vehicle to the ministry. Instead of trading in your car, you can donate it to Good Samaritan, get a tax deduction, and help make a difference in someone’s life. Here’s how your donation of a vehicle will make a difference:

If your car cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost, we use it for parts to fix up other donated vehicles and then sell what’s left for scrap.  This provides valuable income for the ministry.

Your car will be sold to one of the graduates of our program.  Most of our graduates have ruined their credit. We provide them with credit to buy one of our donated cars.  This enables them to have transportation for work and continue the process of learning personal responsibility.

Your vehicle will be sold to a needy person to help them with transportation for work.  Many people in Richmond’s inner city lack basic transportation and are therefore unable to obtain employment.  An affordable car can be an important first-step in their plan to escape the horror of poverty and to properly provide for their families.

Your donated vehicle provides much needed income for the ministry’s programs that meet basic needs and long-term life-changing goals.  That is why when you donate a vehicle to Good Samaritan, you are helping someone change their life.  If you are interested in donating a vehicle to the ministry, please fill out the contact form on the side of the page and we will get back to you.


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